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translation and writing book pdf download

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Popular name in English education and care in Bangladesh. “Saifur’s Coaching Center”. Many seek refuge at Saifur’s Coaching Center to learn to read, write and pronounce English fluently.

Saifur Rahman Khan is the name of the person who has worked tirelessly to make Bengalis proficient in English and has established “Saifur’s Coaching Center”. Saifur Rahman Khan was a brilliant student of Bangladesh University of Engineering (BUET).

He graduated from BUET with a degree in engineering and an MBA in Japan with a scholarship. Back in the country, he is one of the IBA faculty of Dhaka University. Contributed as a faculty member. He left teaching after teaching there for some time.

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After quitting his job, he started Saifur’s, where he started teaching millions of students. Impossible quality Saifur Rahman. Khan GMAT – one of the top scorers in the world. One. His knowledge and skills in English language are incomparable.

He has spread that knowledge among the people in different ways. Saifur Rahman Khan not only runs a coaching center, he has written many books on English grammar, vocabulary, theoretical concepts etc.

In addition to English, he has written easy lessons in mathematics, MBA and other subjects required by students. Saifur Rahman Khan’s book has reached close to 100.

Books in English from Cumin to Diamond, Translation and Writing, Saifur’s: Math, Forge’s Newest Grammar, Saifur’s: Geometry, Varsity Math = Water, etc. Saifur Rahman Khan’s books from first class children to Masters, MBA, GMAT, GRE, ILTS are applicable for any person, any student.

pdf download saifur’s translation and writing book

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