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Book “The Boy from the Fifth Avenue” authr by Abrar Ahmed pdf download from tunetuni.

The Boy from the Fifth Avenue Book information: Pdf Book

Book: The Boy from the Fifth Avenue pdf

Author: Abrar Ahmed Book pdf

Publisher: The University Press Limited(UPL)

Format: PDF File

Category: Children and Teens: Science Fiction Pdf

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The Boy from the Fifth Avenue book review: Pdf Book

Summary : A young boy , Michael , wakes up eleven years after mysteriously going into a coma . Will his ‘ teacher ‘ , Daniel , be able to help him catch up with life ? Moreover , after his mother passes away , will he be able to face the challenges of the world by himself and find out the mystery behind the death of his father ?

About : ” The Boy From The Fifth Avenue ” largely follows the footmarks of science fiction although its use of metaphysics and parascience puts it in a separate category . It is full of strange happenings and unexpected twists in plot but displays some genuine real world concerns , such as a son’s helplessness when both his parents die , or the fear of losing one’s ground in a world of constant changes .

” The Boy From The Fifth Avenue ” is a good read except that the story’s suspense is continued too long for the moment of truth to spring much surprise on the reader . Many actions are lingered and minute descriptions affect the flow of the story . But this problems apart , ” The Boy From The Fifth Avenue ” is an enjoyable book .

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A little bit about science fiction : Science fiction is a genre of speculative fiction that typically deals with imaginative and futuristic concepts such as advanced science and technology , space exploration , time travel , parallel universes and extraterrestrial life .

Science fiction carries this change of extremes . By changing that counts as figure and what as background , the characters can be seen in ways otherwise impossible -and so , ultimately , we can understand ourselves in ways that would otherwise be impossible .

My thoughts : ” The Boy From The Fifth Avenue ” is a science fiction book , which carries the eminence of the importance of science fiction . I love science fiction books . It’s an amazing book to read . Specially for the science fiction lovers . I do like it .

It’s the first book of the author . I am really glad that he wrote the first story of his so well . I am sure that he’ll turn out to be a fine story teller .

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