Onuvutir ovidhan book by tahsan khan pdf download

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Tahsan Khan’s book “Onuvutir Ovidhan” book pdf download from tunetuni.

Onuvutir Ovidhan book review(Pdf download)

Book: Anubhutir Ovidhan Book

Author: Tahsan khan Book

Prokasony: Oddoyon

Format:Pdf File

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How to navigate our emotions is one of the vital things that we need to deal with throughout our life. It is truly inspiring that writer Tahsan Khan wants us to practice positivity and chose the way of telling stories to make us think. Lastly, life writing is always more interesting than fiction.

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Tahsan khan is one of the best in the media industry of Bangladesh. She is a very promising, smart, hardworking artist in her work. This book is a reflection of his great talent.

He has written the words in the depths of his own mind with the ink of a pen.

The Dictionary of Feelings is an “inspirational” book written in the style of an autobiography about twenty human feelings – without the burden of cognitive discussion; there is a clear impression of simplicity.

Anubhutir Ovidhan book you will see a Tahsan who seems to be more or less his own, and thinks that this is my feeling! And Tahsan will think, “Hey, this is, in my opinion, a blood-flesh-feeling man, with all kinds of human There are no obstacles in the book, so the reader can relate effortlessly.

Inspired or guided – Otukui is enough to educate and guide the conscious reader. In the great author Paola Coelha’s “Manual of the Warrior of Light” There is clear advice in Abe as well as the humility that Tahsan has given without giving advice – that is what has presented him as great!

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The book deals with two feelings, including hesitation, curiosity, surprise, panic, arrogance, sympathy, humiliation, remorse, confidence, inspiration, pride, monotony, anxiety, confusion, fascination, frustration, jealousy, doubt. Which will surprise the reader as well as teach something.

It is necessary to read the book to know about the two different and almost unknown human feelings called Shadenfreud and Monaconsis.

The author’s introduction of Munsiana in determining the association of each emotion in a couple of sentences in the book is as simple as it is admirable.

As he writes of wonder: “Contrary to expectations, when something happens suddenly, I am forced to believe, even in disbelief, that time is stopped due to temporary unpreparedness. The feeling is the name of the feeling.” The last part is a greeting from Abdul Malek Bhai.

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