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Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller pdf download from tunetuni.

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death of a salesman characters

1. Willie Lohmann – A middle-aged sales representative.

2. Beef Loman – Willie’s eldest son.

3. Happy Loman – Willie’s youngest son.

4. Linda Loman – Willie’s wife

5. Charlie – Willie’s neighbor. 

6. Bernard – Charlie’s son and a lawyer.. 

7. Ben – Willie’s rich brother and lives in Alaska.  . Unknown

8. Woman – Beef and Happy High School’s secret sweetheart.

9. Howard Wagner – Willie’s owner.

10. Stanley – serving food at the Franks Chop House.

11. Miss Forsyth and Leta – they are both prostitutes.

12. Jenny – Charlie’s secretary.   

death of a salesman summary

death of a salesman summary act 1

Willie lomyana from a business trip tired and fatigued condition, returned to his home in Brooklyn. His boss told him that he and his wife, Linda Howard Wagner of New York at his workplace in order to give him a hard besides of bhramanagulo is not. 

She told him she would talk to Howard the next day. Willie complains to him about his eldest son that he hasn’t done anything or started work yet. Linda van for his hardness, so Z identified him. Then Willie went to the kitchen for breakfast. Willie went to the kitchen and talked to himself. Biff and his younger brother Happy are also coming. Willie had to remember his own burned memories.

Beef and Happy were completely unhappy about their lives. They want to buy a farm in the west. Willie was in a daydream. He saw teenage beef cleaning his car. He is a high school football star. At that time little Happy appeared. They were treating their father very well. 

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He had just returned from a business trip. Willie believed in one thing about Beef that he would one day own a huge business bigger than Charlie’s. Charlie’s son Bernard comes looking for Beef. Because if he wants to pass the next math test, he has to study with him. Willie would then point a finger at Bernard even though he was beautiful to look at but he was not liking and it would hurt him.

Then young Linda enters there. Biff and Happy in the house at the time of leaving the . Willie is proud to be on a successful business trip there. Linda tells him her business is not actually successful. Willie then complained to him that he had not yet paid for their car and other equipment. He further complains that people no longer love him and because of this he is not able to do well in his work. 

She heard her secret lover smile while Linda was comforting her. She was still smiling and moving towards him. He sank into another new daydream. The two of them were drowning in merriment for a while. She then thanked him for giving her a pair of socks.

This time Willie went back to his previous day dream. This time he saw Linda sewing a sock. For this he gently rebuked her and ordered her to take off her socks. Bernard looked at Beef and screamed again. Linda reminded Willie that Biff’s stolen football had to be returned. She also told him that lately Beef has been behaving very badly with the girls of their neighbors. 

death of a salesman pdf english version download

death of a salesman summary act 2

The woman was heard laughing with Bernard and Linda. The two of them disappeared and in the meanwhile his daydream was shattered. Then he muttered something. The present old Happy came up the stairs and tried to stop Willie from muttering. 

She screamed in anger, sadness and anger at the fact that she did not go to Alaska with her brother Ben. His brother got rich by finding a diamond mine in Africa. Hearing her screams, her neighbor Charlie arrives. Happy went to bed and Willie and Charlie concentrated on playing cards. 

Charlie offered him a job but Willie felt insulted and refused. While they were discussing the matter, Ben entered the room in Willie’s imagination. Accidentally, Willie started calling Charlie Ben. Ben surveys his entire house and then says he needs to catch the Alaska train right now to see and hear about his assets in Alaska. 

When Willie Ben goes to discuss going to Alaska, Charlie sees that there is no one in the house except the two of them. In a state of bewilderment, Willie yelled at Charlie as he asked who he was talking to. Charlie then leaves the room. 

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He imagined again that young Linda had entered the room and Ben had met her. She asked Ben very impatiently about her life. Ben recalled his travels and talked about his father. When Ben was leaving, At that moment, Willie saw in his daydream that Charlie and his son Bernard were running to tell him that Beef and Charlie were stealing. 

Although Ben was leaving at the time, Willie continued to talk to him.Linda Willie, now an elderly woman, was found outside the house. Beef and Happy came down the stairs. They discussed Willie with their mother. Linda scolded Biff for talking rudely about Willie. 

Beef tells him that Willie is a fraud, but he doesn’t explain why he said that. Linda informs him that Willie tried to commit suicide. Happy gets angry and scolds Biff for the failure of his business. At this point Willie enters and starts yelling at Biff. 

Happy intervenes there and stops him, and he and Beef propose to start a sporting goods business together. Willie’s face lit up. He advises Biff to borrow some money from his former employer Bill Oliver. After much discussion and review, they go to bed.

Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller pdf download

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